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Employee Relations Strategies

Connecting Employees To The Bottom Line

Welcome! My name is Zina Allen. After over 20 years of service, providing Human Resource support to both small and large corporations, I am excited to offer extensive Employee Relations Strategies to all.  My programs have proven effective with a history of zero litigation rates.  

Coining the term HR-CPR, Compliance, Prevention, and Resuscitation, I believe that these strategies will immediately connect your employees to your organization's short and long term objectives.


Programs Proven Effective With History

Whether you're interested in Resume Writing, One-on-One Coaching, Policy Analysis, Compliance, Supervisory Training, Succession Planning,  Performance Management, Recruitment Strategy, or Benefits Review, ERS has the strategies you need to succeed. Check below for what our packages provide.

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One On One Coaching

Expert Guidance

If you are not in need of HR-CPR, we provide dynamic one-on-one coaching to help guide you through special circumstances or projects within your organization. Please book a free 1-hour consultation to find out more.

Resume Writing

The Path to Success

Our passion is to help corporations Recruit, Resuscitate and Revive their organization one employee at a time. In doing so, we have reviewed and helped write thousands of resumes.  A great resume is key to getting into a 
 great organization and being one of those employees!  We can help you build that resume.  

Find Resume Writing Fees Here
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Providing Consultation on New and Existing Policies

Through many years of working with various compliance, legal teams and independently to provide consultation on new and existing policies, we are able to:

Review, Revise or Construct your Employee Handbook or Policy Manual;

Set up policies and practices that will help you

communicate the way employees can act in the workplace, on social networking sites, and around clients; and/or

Represent executive leadership in order to develop and implement organizational policy change and practices across to new acquisitions



Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process to build a Recruitment Strategy with measured success and/or a Benefits Review in order to design and create your competitive advantage while saving you valuable time and resuscitating and reviving your company culture.


Proper Supervisory Training, Succession Planning & Performance Management will create an employee-oriented, high-performance culture emphasizing empowerment, quality, productivity, goal attainment and ongoing development of a superior workforce.


We’ve always been committed to helping our clients thrive and reach their goals. Every unique client is important to us, and it’s our pleasure to share some of their reviews with you.

"I worked with Zina for several years and at two different companies. Zina was really my right hand when it came to recruitment, really finding great candidates for the job. Zina also was helpful with performance management of the team and was always willing to have the needed, and sometimes difficult conversations. Zina was great to work with."

Todd Cravens

President and CEO Galaxy, Gaming Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)

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