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Healthy Workplace & Healthy World

Well, the year is halfway over and wow has it been a doozy so far! Life has changed in the last six months. The employees are slowly returning to work; or maybe they never left, yet things have still changed. Now more than ever, you need the company to recognize and show the employees that they matter. One of the ways to show some appreciation is through the employees’ compensation package. I’m not speaking specifically about salary but another part, #employeebenefits.

In a previous ERS, LLC article, the question was asked - When you consider your #employeebenefits, do you consider that your employees do not all have the same priorities and needs when it comes to quality of life and/or healthcare?

What do you consider a Healthy Healthcare Package? In my experience it is one that is considerate to: Demographics, Careful Administration, Proper planning, User friendly & Dynamic:

  • One type of coverage package may not fit everyone’s quality of life

    • Consider the demographics of your organization

  • Choose your Healthcare Partner(s)

    • Gather a list of Brokers that you would like to consider and have a list of important questions.

    • The objective is to enhance the compensation package, You want the employees to feel cared for: Especially if you are a department-of-one

    • Medical is not the only element of a Health Health Care package

  • Schedule meetings leading up to Open Enrollment

    • Do not get caught at the end of the year with more questions than answers

  • Become familiar with the system integration capabilities & requirements.

    • What will the entire benefits system look like in the end?

  • Where can you go from here?

    • How dynamic is your package?

Here’s the thing- Your employees need to know that your company believes that a Healthy workplace is connected to a Healthier World.

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