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Let's strategies Together! It will be fun!

I started my small business journey over one year ago. Needless-to-say, it has been a wild ride so far. I would say, "you don't know the half of it", but in fact you do. January through June of 2020, has been surreal. I still freak out a little, seeing everyone walking around with masks on in Sprouts. It's like another world!

One thing that has not changed is the nature of people. We are all motivated by different needs based on our experiences, but the calls and questions that I receive are basically no different than those I had before 2020. Most people want to know what to expect from employers and they are concerned about what the new job will bring. The best I can tell them is to focus on their life goals. Don't accept a job to simply keep the money coming in. It is not fair to the employer or to you. Employers, in turn, should not hire a candidate simply based on the words on their resume. It's not fair to the team.

Candidate or Employer, what is your strategy for the future? What will help you reach your short or long terms goals? Life right now is already pretty interesting, why not make it fun?

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